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I am very grateful for the way in which the Lord has used Monika to help bring about positive changes in my marriage, personal and professional life. Undoubtedly Monika has been gifted with real wisdom and insight. I know her to be a trusted confidant, and somebody who’s ability to interpret providence is invaluable. I would not hesitate to recommend her to others who want godly counsel and support , look no further!

I’ve had a few Christian counsellors over the decades, yet only Monika has ever brought God into the conversation. She’d also check up on my relationship with God, as well as share many verses, Godly stories and pictures which definitely helped. To me, this is exactly what a Christian counsellor should be.

I came to Monika after a few years of counselling for dealing with multiple addictions, a phobia and a lack of identity in Christ. I walk free of these today and give all glory to God.

I highly recommend her as a counsellor.

I came to Monika struggling to understand the emotional, controlling and sexual abuse that had taken place over my 14 years of marriage which eventually led to a traumatic divorce. Monika’s approach was just what I needed to help build up my self confidence and worth again, to find my identity which was lost. The hours I’ve spent working with Monika have been the most valuable of my life. Monika challenged me, was honest with me, tested me but also listened to me. I couldn’t recommend Monika enough to anyone suffering from trauma, anxiety, depression, addictions or relationship conflicts. Her rational and sheer understanding of the way our minds work is a rare find. Thank you Monika for you talent, love and care and doing what you do best!

Monika helped me combat my OCD and anxiety by using biblical teaching and not watering down any of the biblical teaching for the sake of the world. She offered me plenty of skills and advice that really helped me such as jogging! And now I am a passionate jogger! She spoke words of encouragement and life into my life. She not only helped me battle my OCD but also helped me come to the realisation of the other sin in my life that I didn’t even know I was hiding! I thought because I called myself a Christian that I was fine but God really used to help me get closer and seek God. I would recommend Monika for anyone struggling with OCD, anxiety or just the need to get closer to God.

I had a block of sessions with Monika where we looked at my bereavements (death in family) and spoke about toxic relationships… and also how I used addictions to mask the pain I felt, and in this short time Monika showed me how to look for God and to lean on His Word, and to use my experiences to better myself, turning my life from a victim to living in victory. I can’t thank Monika enough for the time she has given me…

The first time I spoke to Monika on the phone, I knew right away she was going to be a great counsellor for me. She is so friendly, so encouraging, so kind and eager to help while accompanying her advice with Biblical knowledge. Exactly what I needed … We looked/discussed in depth some areas of my life and the result is that I now look at some situations with a lot more understanding, and compassion. I was very anxious, desperate, and feeling hopeless in the midst of what felt like the longest/hardest Winter of my life, that was 2 months ago, then I found Monika following a Google search and I had my first session soon after. Right now I feel so hopeful, stronger and clearer in my mind. Monika was very generous with her time too. She would often, after our sessions, send me videos of sermons and related links that encouraged me greatly. She is an amazing Christian counsellor who is passionate about helping others. Thank you so much Monika.

For many years, some of which going back to my childhood I had suffered from OCD (in the form of listing various day to day routines) either in my head, out loud or on paper. I have also suffered panic attacks and anxiety since my teenage years. During the last 15 years I have had various counselling plus 3 cycles of CBT, none of which was able to help with my OCD and it continued to get progressively worse. It was debilitating as it literally gripped me from the moment I woke up most days. I found it impossible to relax or read a book, couldn’t bear silence as my head was so busy with my obsessive thoughts and worries. It took me ages to do simple tasks such as cook / prepare food, household chores such as hang out / fold away laundry due to the way I did things obsessively. This all affected things with my household, I wanted to be in control of most things and decisions. I also had often had very child like reactions when I found things hard as an adult and gave up easily if I found a situation difficult. Working in a school keeps me busy so it was always much worse when I finished work for the day.

As a Christian I knew this wasn’t what my Heavenly Father wanted for me and had been desperate for change for many years. Then I came across Monika and her counselling and guidance by the Holy Spirit has literally changed my life! When I came to her I was totally ready for change, though apprehensive about the process too. I had seven sessions with Monika looking back at my childhood and growing up, my family history of anxiety and OCD. After an overwhelming weekend between my 2nd and 3rd session I was suddenly aware I had been OCD free for a few days!

It was as though my thought process had done a massive shift in the right direction which I know to be God’s Holy Spirit at work and the tools Monika has given me to challenge the lies I had been living under, working through forgiveness and pride. Monika has encouraged me to look for a silver lining in all situations which has massively helped me too. My anxiety and panic attacks have been much better since the OCD has stopped, it was all a vicious circle. As I move forward I know I have the tools to keep going with it all. I can relax and read books again or watch a movie and be at peace. I love silence now and being still and rested, now that is a silver lining!

I came to Monika feeling bad with an overwhelming sense of guilt for feeling this way. During our twelve weeks together she helped me unpack the feelings I had and identify not only the actual feelings that I was struggling with but the origins of them as well. This was all done in a loving and kind way that kept Christ at the centre. Very early on in our relationship I felt I could trust her and I appreciated the way she patiently steered the conversation and the gentle way she challenged me. She helped me see the negative impact of my thoughts and behaviours and the origins of these and it helped bring me closer to our God and Father and I felt a burden being lifted. I now feel equipped to deal with things differently and prioritise better. I learned things that will help me for the rest of my life and often refer back to resources she shared with me all within the context of looking to our Heavenly Father for healing and transformation through the work of the Holy Spirit.

I give thanks everyday for the time I spent with Monika and it was truest a God send. I don’t think I can recommend her enough or find the words to say. I went to Monika with the intention to deal with my addictions. But quickly turned out that every session she dug deeper and helped me bring back memories of abuse and ongoing family issues. Being from an Asian background Monika was able to understand and empathise with cultural issues and bring it back to the Bible. If you’re still in doubt just try a single session.

Monika provided me with a safe space to unravel and work through past tangles and traumas. Through her faith, professional skillset and personal experience she was able to constructively advise and encourage independent, positive growth. Monika helped me to locate and understand the origins of rooted traumas through lack of personal boundaries and through her faith, professional teaching and personal empathy, she was able to aid pain with biblical teaching and constructive counselling.

Sometimes life becomes difficult, and we try to fix things our own way. However there are times you need a qualified person who has the right experience to direct you through life’s obstacles. Someone who is a calming voice in the thunderstorm, who directs, encourages and supports you. That person is Monika, who has been a great blessing in my life. I highly recommend giving her a call.

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